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Ames Bird Netting

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Ames Bird Netting

Ames Bird Netting

Ames Bird Netting Home Depot

Ames manufactures and distrubutes bird netting for residential, commercial, and industrial uses. Their “Gardener’s Pride” bird netting is designed for use in home and garden netting applications to save your plants,vegetables, and fruits from bird and pest-related damages.

Birds have to eat, and some of the easiest food for them to get are the fruits and veggies in your garden that you’ve put your hard work into cultivating and growing. You can effectively stop birds and other animals from eating your crop by installing a phsycial barrier to keep birds out. Bird netting is usually your best option, and Ames bird netting is just as good as the rest. Although this netting is primarily used in gardening, applications for longer term commercial and industrial use are still possible on a small scale. Larger scale operations may require industrial strength netting for longer-lasting needs.

Ames netting is sturdy and durable, made from polypropylene and coated for protection against excessive sun damage. This brand has been proven over time to be incredibly effective in keeping pest birds out of the application area

Ames comes in a number of different sizes

  • Ames True Temper 7′ X 20′ “Gardener’s Pride” Bird Netting
  • Ames True Temper 14′ X 13” “Gardener’s Pride” Bird Netting

Buying Ames Bird Netting at Home Depot or Online:

Click here for pricing on these sizes & more of Ames Gardener’s Pride Netting

Where to buy Ames bird netting:

Ames is available in many hardware & home/garden stores throughout the world. If you want the best deal, Amazon has Ames netting for the best prices. Click here to go to amazon’s Ames Bird Netting section.  Or, check out our bird netting store, or our list of where to buy bird netting online.

Bird Netting Home Depot

Here’s a video of Ames Netting in Action