Bird Netting

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Bird Netting

Basic Info


Bird netting is used in the bird control industry and gardeners alike to keep birds from entering various areas on things. Their primary function in the bird control setting is to keep pest birds from roosting and therefore fall under the “roost inhibitor” category of bird control products.

Bird netting is one of the most effective forms of bird control. A properly install bird net provides an inpenetrable barrier that birds cannot break through. Bird netting is particularly useful when a specific area needs to maintain positive aesthetics, needs to remain in plain sight, or other exclusion options are not effective.

Similarly to bird spikes, the phsyical barrier qualities mean that applications will require FULL coverage of the the desired area to be fully effective. In cases of keeping birds out of foodstuffs, crops, or any product that needs to remain bird damage & disease-free, netting is most like the best option.

Bird netting works best when there is a specific entry point from which birds are entering an area. For wide areas that are too large to entirely cover with netting, we recommend a series of sonic or ultrasonic bird repelling units (click here to view some). Although they are individually expensive, the cost of using repellers vs using netting is usually significantly less, with good results.

Netting Materials

Modern bird netting is usually made of polyethylene, a durable and long-lasting plastic material. It is also usually coated with some form of UV protection additive, to keep ultraviolet rays from causing damage over extended periods of outdoor exposure.

Bird Netting Sizes

Bird netting comes in a variety of coverage sizes, from as small as 7′ X 20′ sheets, up to 5000′ X 14′

The circumference of the netting can range from as thin as 1/4″ Standard to as thick as 3/4″ Structural/Heavy Duty thickness

Top Bird Netting Brands

There are various companies that manufacture, market, and distribute bird netting. They include:

  • Easy Gardener
  • Bird-X
  • Dalen
  • Ross
  • Dewitt
  • Ames

Where to buy Bird Netting

Click the following to go to our list of the best places to buy bird netting.

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Video: Installing Bird Nets on Fruit Trees

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Youtube user theproducegarden has a great homemade video on how to install fruit netting on a small fruit tree.  This is a very simple net install but will be a valuable watch  for novice installers, homeowners, and gardeners. Would be good for anyone with a small orchard or individual trees that need to get netted.

Installing Bird Side Netting [VIDEO TUTORIAL]

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Here’s a great video by SmartNetSystems featuring some great how-to instructions on bird side netting installations.

Ames Bird Netting

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Ames Bird Netting

Ames Bird Netting

Ames Bird Netting Home Depot

Ames manufactures and distrubutes bird netting for residential, commercial, and industrial uses. Their “Gardener’s Pride” bird netting is designed for use in home and garden netting applications to save your plants,vegetables, and fruits from bird and pest-related damages.

Birds have to eat, and some of the easiest food for them to get are the fruits and veggies in your garden that you’ve put your hard work into cultivating and growing. You can effectively stop birds and other animals from eating your crop by installing a phsycial barrier to keep birds out. Bird netting is usually your best option, and Ames bird netting is just as good as the rest. Although this netting is primarily used in gardening, applications for longer term commercial and industrial use are still possible on a small scale. Larger scale operations may require industrial strength netting for longer-lasting needs.

Ames netting is sturdy and durable, made from polypropylene and coated for protection against excessive sun damage. This brand has been proven over time to be incredibly effective in keeping pest birds out of the application area

Ames comes in a number of different sizes

  • Ames True Temper 7′ X 20′ “Gardener’s Pride” Bird Netting
  • Ames True Temper 14′ X 13” “Gardener’s Pride” Bird Netting

Buying Ames Bird Netting at Home Depot or Online:

Click here for pricing on these sizes & more of Ames Gardener’s Pride Netting

Where to buy Ames bird netting:

Ames is available in many hardware & home/garden stores throughout the world. If you want the best deal, Amazon has Ames netting for the best prices. Click here to go to amazon’s Ames Bird Netting section.  Or, check out our bird netting store, or our list of where to buy bird netting online.

Bird Netting Home Depot

Here’s a video of Ames Netting in Action

Easy Gardener Bird Netting

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Easy Gardener Bird Netting

Easy Gardener Bird Netting

Easy Gardener is a manufacturer of gardening supplies and products. Their bird netting is on par with the industry standards in bird netting and provides lasting protection against pests, birds,deer, and other small animals that may be damaging crops like fruits and vegetables. Keep birds away from fruits, vegetables, gardens, or any other area like barns, garages, attics, and more.

Easy Gardener bird netting is made from polypropylene, a tough plastic that is also very pliable. This material lasts a very long time, and can withstand extreme conditions.

Easy Gardener Netting Comes in the following sizes:

  • Easy Gardener #604 – 7′ X 7′ Bird Netting
  • Easy Gardener#603 – 14′ X 14′ Bird Netting
  • Easy Gardener #602 – 14′ X 45′ Bird Netting
  • Easy Gardener #6080 28′ X 28′ Bird Netting

The best prices for any Easy Gardener netting models can usually be found on amazon. Click here to view all pricing and sizes of Easy Gardener Netting

Dalen Bird Netting

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Dalen bird netting is used to cover fruit and vegetalble-bearing plants from birds that are eating & damaging crops. Dalen netting is a polypropylene plastic bird netting. This means that it is more durable and stronger than traditional bird netting solutions that are made of rope or other organic materials. [...] Continue Reading…

Polypropylene (Plastic) Bird Netting

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Polypropelene is a ‘plastic’ polymer that has great application as an engineering plastic. It is tough and flexible, which makes it perfect for use in bird netting. [...] Continue Reading…

Ross Bird Netting

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Bird Netting by Ross Easy Gardener is some of the most effective and well-known brand of bird netting on the market. [...] Continue Reading…

Bird Netting is now Netting Birds on Twitter!

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